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Real Time Lean Management

Management of services and activities in real-time, connecting people, processes and technology in an intelligent, systemic, dynamic and intuitive way

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Real Time Lean Management

Solution for real time and systemic management of tasks, people and teams. Operational intelligence that generates results.


Maintain the quality standards, regardless of the day, time, or your presence.


Switch to a culture of meritocracy, transparency and empowerment.


Know exactly how many employees you need, doing what, where and when.


Know your processes thoroughly, and know the root causes of your failures.


Control each and every service requested in real-time.


Streamline communication and care, increasing patient satisfaction and reducing costs.


Command Center

Integrates and links real-time data to streamline decision making.
Through dashboards, it allows active monitoring of all tasks being demanded and performed. It provides insights that enables you to have a clear strategy and take action when you most need it.


Much more than a management platform

The 3Wings platform allows the management of services and activities in real-time. We offer the right technology for connecting people and processes in an intelligent, systemic, dynamic and intuitive way.


Centralized Management

Throughout the process, indicators for each task, people, and teams can be tracked in real-time, enabling immediate decision making. In addition, all historical data will always be available for analysis and evolutionary monitoring of processes.


Dynamic Data and Predictability

Scheduled or spontaneous demands generate responses and all these interconnections generate potential information. Structured data generates quality information that supports strategic decision making.


Operational Intelligence

Cloud ready-to-use platform integrated with industry leading hospital management systems. Highlight activities through photos, barcodes, digital signatures, geolocation and more.
Let our robots monitor your teams and save your time.

An innovative team with multidisciplinary skills and extensive experience in hospital management.



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